1 People Who Should Be Beaten With their Selfie Stick (7 Photos)

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There is hardly a soul, untouched by the dazzle and the shimmer of the Glamour World. Make-up, dresses, parties and luxury- who does not want to a part of such a lifestyle.

Women, especially celebrities have become timeless over time. Seems like they have stopped aging, after all. But everybody has bad days. There was a time when beautiful celebrities are just like you and me. A little over a few pounds, no-care dressing attitude and short untamed hair.

Things are different now. They have changed so much, that it is amazing to see. This striking transformation will make your jaw drop!

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We allowed our imaginations to wander and guess what we found, these hilarious Disney face swaps. They made our day so much more colorful!

According to the urban dictionary, face swap, is when two people cut the skin of their face-off, trade faces, and jizz on each other’s head so that the face will stick. Face swapping is always fun. You can play around with face swapping even on photos on your phone. All you need to do is, download one of the face swap apps from the Google Play Store for your Android phone or from the Apple store for your iPhone.

Trust me after having a look at these face swaps, you will laugh so hard, that you might just start feeling dizzy because, the same thing just happened to me!

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0 These Hilarious Disney Face Swaps Will Make You Laugh Till You Die!

Lauren Stewart, the woman who is extremely wonderful at what she does. She has the most incredible job, if you ask me. Let’s check it out!

She is a creative worker at Dapper Cadaver based in California.

Dapper Cadaver is a prop making workhouse, where all death related props are furnished. So, here are some amazing things Lauren has been working on. Their work is just perfect! It is amazing how your horror can be someone’s job.


Hashtags can be really convenient for searching for applicable content. It’s also a really amazing marketing tool when companies use it correctly. When they don’t use it correctly…it goes so, so wrong! Other hastags would be so much clearer if people just remembered to use capitals. Capitals will save you from all of the fails, people.