#1 Decreases Cortisol

A positive side effect of our bodies being allowed to cool at night is that it lowers cortisol levels. Cortisol can cause serious problems ranging from disrupted sleep cycles to serious weight gain.

#1 Decreases Cortisol

#1 Engagement Pic?

If this is an engagement announcement, it’s very, VERY clever. Look closely, notice it?

#1 Engagement Pic

#1 You Ain’t Foolin’ Nobody!

Come on, we all know what humans look like when they wake up, and you sure as hell aren’t a martian, are you?

#1 You Ain't Foolin' Nobody!

If you looked at the text message conversations that my significant other and I have, you’d question everything about us. Probably 99% of the conversation is us complaining about what’s for dinner (because, priorities) and the other 1% is split between the use of borderline nicknames and mean jokes at each other’s expense. You know what that means: true love.

1. True love is knowing what the other person finds hot


Sexting can be a great turn on if you’re feeling a tad bit frisky and aren’t in close proximity to your significant other. However, sexting comes with a risk considering you can’t be 100% sure whether the person on the receiving end of your risque text is in the mood for it as well. What’s even scarier about sexting is sexting for the absolute first time. It’s awkward when you’re about to send it because you’re not sure what’s up their alley or if you’re pushing the envelope too much with your odd taste in sexual turn ons. But, when it comes down to it, sexting is an art and you must master it. There’s a very fine line between being a turn on and being a turn off, and that line can be crossed extremely easily…like these sexts (which ended up being absolutely hilarious).

1. I don’t think he meant literally.