1 How To Troll You Ex With A Text (15 Photos)

#1 LAMREY DISEASE, A Serious Disease That Infects Human Eyes

First of all, I am sorry for the title. Because it is not an actual disease. You probably had bumped on this picture many times on the internet. The scary picture that will make everyone feels uncomfortable mostly on the eyes part.

Don’t be scared because this is not neither a real disease nor a real photo. It is a work of some badass photoshopper out there. It’s simple, crop and paste the Buccal Canal (the toothy part of the lamprey’s suction mouth) onto the eyeball and with some touch up made a realistic and scary image of an “infected” eyeball.


#1 Be Yourself

Dress up means whatever you want when you’re a kid!


1 The Horror Of Bullying
Seventeen Samira Omar had a beautiful face until a group of female bullies threw boiling water on her.


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