6 Best Moments from Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show Debut!

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I don't know anyone that doesn't like Jimmy Fallon, he is hilarious every single show! Jimmy is way funnier than Jay Leno and I'm so glad he was replaced by him!! I love watching his clips online with different topics since I'm not always awake to see his actual show. Did you see his first show when he gave his parents a little attention and then spoke about his 6 month old daughter? How cute! You have to look up the episode.

The episode where all the celebrities came out giving him $100 bills because of a bet he had with an old friend about never get on the tonight show. This was priceless! Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, so many celebrities coming out bringing him $100 was hilarious! That was a personal bet that somehow got out, I'm not sure if he previously spoke about it but it was so funny how all these people came out. Again, you'll have to pull up the video and watch it.

Ha ha, Will Smith, I love him! He has such a great personality on and off set, how cool of a dad would he be? Or even a friend? I would love to hang out with him. Hanging with Jimmy though, I think I would be sore from laughing!! His shows are so great and creative, I don't know he could possibly come up with everything that he does.

My favorite is the singing wheel, where they spin the wheel and it lands on an artist and a song, if you haven't seen it, you HAVE TO!!! I can sit on youtube for hours watching these videos!! To hear some of the singers just bust out live, what amazing talent they have!! Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilara, Justin Timberlake, so many people have been on it and it's the funniest thing! You could get like Michael Jackson singing the Sesame Street song!! You have to look it up, there are so many good ones! 

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