A 28 Year Old Navy Lieutenant Does It Big For Veteran Amputees In Half Marathon Running With An 85lbs. Bomb Suit!

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The EOD Warrior Foundation is an organization important to many people, but to 28 year old Lieutenant Daniel Glen the foundation has profound meaning. The US Navy Lieutenant found the importance of the organization to be so profound he dedicated himself to giving a demonstration sure to get attention. Lieutenant Glen let the world know with his heroic actions just how important The EOD Warrior Foundation really is to veteran amputees.

“To me, the real warriors are those who are doing heroic acts far away from anyone outside the military,” Lieutenant Daniel Glenn in a report to Huffington Post

Lieutenant Glenn dropped jaws when he wore an 85lbs. bomb suit to the Half Marathon in Fredericksburg, Virginia, but that wasn’t all! Lieutenant Glenn was a participant in the marathon, and he ran the entire length wearing the 85lbs. bomb suit with the intention of representing the courage and bravery of soldiers who are injured during war.

“Put it this way: The thinnest parts are still a half-inch thick and the thickest parts have about four inches of armor plates and material” Lieutenant Daniel Glenn

Lieutenant Glenn is trying to raise funds for The EOD Warrior Foundation through a site called CrowdRise.com. He is continues to gain national attention and has earned over $10,000 in donations thus far for the foundation. Lieutenant Glenn can continue to use all the support he can get to help a worthwhile cause, The EOD Warrior Foundation. Together with the help of the nation Lieutenant Glenn and others at the foundation can continue to provide aid to veteran amputees in much needed assistance. We all can’t help with money, but let’s not forget that by building awareness you build power! Share Lieutenant Glenn’s story and help The EOD Warrior Foundation.

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