Bewitched: Astonishing Facts Revealed About The Cast and Crew

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Because Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) wasn't created at the time of the Bewitched production, Samantha and the team had to get creative with their low-key special effects. So, how did the cast and crew brew up their magic? Samantha used stage hands to hold up props "floating in the air," such as her broom, and she even used special crutches to keep her spell casting hands in the air for extended periods of time. When the director called out, "Cut!" the stage hands "cleaned the room" by swiftly removing all the clutter before the next scene started. No wonder Samantha was in such great shape!

Behind the Scenes on Bewitched

On the set filming Bewitched

Cast and crew show their "magic tricks" on the set of Bewitched. As you can see, stagehands had to prop up the broom and manually change around the props.