CEO of Japan Airlines Takes The Bus To Work And Gets A Salary Less Than Some Of The Employees

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The CEO of Japan Airlines is awesome. Every "big wig" can learn a thing or two from this man and after watching this video, maybe you will take all of this into consideration for your own life. He's absolutely right, there is no person on top and person on bottom, everyone should be treated the same, regardless of your "rank" in the company. Going to work on a bus, having a complete open door policy, literally with no walls and doing everyday activities that his employees do, really raises moral.

I'm very impressed how this CEO is so involved. The employees must feel very comfortable to speak with him and to work directly beside him. He goes above and beyond to make sure his employees know they can go to him to talk, ask questions or ask for guidance. This man is an inspiration and a lot of CEO's should really watch this video and do some of the things he does.

I'm not sure if I agree with the lower than employee salary rate as you run a company for a reason, you are the top dog, you are the boss, you should be compensated for it. Not millions, not a crazy amount of money, but a fair more than management because you are in charge of them and it takes a lot of responsibility. He runs the 10 worlds largest airlines in the world and when he has to make cuts to salaries, he cuts his as well.

The "leaders" all should be treated equally. I have always believed this even before this video. I am not intimidated to any management I have worked for, I am not scared or nervous around them, I speak to them as I do my co-workers and I think I have gotten more respect became of it. I don't believe they are a better person or that I should respect them more than others, I truly believe they just worked their way up to the top and good for them, but I'll be there with them. Treat others as you wish to be treated!

 The CEO of Japan airlines is awesome! 

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