Hilarious Flip Cup with Miranda Kerr

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Don't you just love the fact that Jimmy Fallon taught Miranda and us this great little game. I know I'm totally pleased that my daughter of fifteen can see this and say "Ooh, I'd like to try that." Thank goodness his show airs late. Oh wait my daughter doesn't go to sleep till the wee hours of the night. Why couldn't he show this little demonstration with like lemonade. That would have been nice. Don't you think?

Well what's done is done. It did look like a cute game. The audience seemed to enjoy it. I wonder if they give them some beer?

Miranda looks great though. I love the way she talks. Although I did have a little bit of a hard time understanding her. Subtitles would have been nice. You know like when you watch that honey boo boo show. I never understand what that mother is saying.

Well on that note, happy flipping everyone! Remember to use lemonade.

Jimmy and model Miranda Kerr go head-to-head in the classic drinking game Flip Cup. 

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