Funny Babies At The Zoo 2016

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Aww, this is so cute! First, that kid with the Girraffe seems no older than like 3, I would be freaked out too if a tongue the size of my leg came after me! Poor kid was so scared. Omg, the Lion, how precious. Although if that glass wasn't as thick as it is, I would be freaking out for my kid, it is so sweet though. The other lion how he's playing with the kids is so cute too, it's paws are the size of the kids heads!

OMG the monkey!!! He's making that baby laugh and they are both having so much fun!! How sweet is it that you can take your kid to the zoo and them have one on one time with an animal and they both enjoy themselves? The kids have so much fun petting and playing with the animals, egging them on to do things they want, these animals are much smarter than you think too. They are constantly being messed with, trained, recorded, they know what their doing, don't let them fool you!

HA HA HA the one monkey who puts his rear on the window had to have been trained or someone had to have messed with her a time or two, that just isn't normal behavior!! It's so funny though, even as a kid, you know it's your "bottom" and it's just always funny to mess around like that. OMG! the dolphin, I love the dolphin, so sweet, I wish I would have had that experience as a kid, even know, it would be incredible!! It's crazy how these animals are kept, trained, hand fed, it's so amazing how a wild animal can be trained.

These clips are so precious, they truly are once in a life time opportunities for these kids. You may never get such playful animals again and to have this experience on video is awesome! This is something the kids and parents will enjoy, especially when they are older! I love how the animals don't seem aggressive, although most people may be scared of zoos because of incidences that have happened due to accidents, but as long as you don't put yourself in harms way, they will play along with you! 

Kids at the Zoo, so freaking cute!!

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