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I was just talking to my husband about something like this last night for our 5 month old, how great would it be to have a walker or something that was remote controlled? You're doing dishes or laundry and you need to entertain them for 10 minutes, it's perfect. I love this roomba idea, although it could be dangerous for the little guy and you wouldn't leave them unattended, it sure would be funny to see in person!

I think I may just have to get one of these, I wonder what the weight limit is on it? These kids don't look but 6 months old or so and they seem to be doing just fine on it! Clean the floors and entertain the kid all at the same time, who's genius idea was this? I like the naked kid in his diaper riding along, ha ha. These kids have no idea what they are riding on, oohh look at the girl standing on it, brave little thing isn't she?!

This really is a good way to clean house and entertain not only your child, but yourself, it's a two in one, can't get much better than this! I wonder how many people have actually done this without posting a video, I wonder if the roomba was safe for them the entire time, I mean, it does go under tables and all, the kids would have to be alert. Okay, the more I'm thinking about it, the less I'm liking the idea, maybe I'll just stick to watching the videos.

Someone does need to come up with a remote controlled toy though, some parents, some days, just need a break for 10 minutes and how amusing would this be for everyone involved? A remote control car, or a walker, something that is light weight and can go around corners. I think I might be on to something! This roomba was a great idea and this was by accident, I'm sure someone, somewhere is working on something you can control yourself that doesn't require full attention 100% of the time...even just to go in circles in the kitchen while you do dishes, should be good :)

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