Innocent Lady Helps to Save A Suicidal Woman in St. Paul!

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Angela Martin leaped into action on I-94 Monday night when she saw a woman apparently trying to take her own life. Martin noticed something visibly wrong with the woman who went through a fence in attempts to jump off the Dale Street Bridge near I-94 in St. Paul. Martin took immediate action instantly upon realizing the woman’s intentions and was able to assist in luring the woman to safety.

“No, honey. Don’t do this” Angela Martin Repeated

Martin managed to call 911 as she made her way to the woman in efforts to coerce her from the bridge. Martin, who is a mother of 2 and grandmother to 6, said she couldn’t just idly stand by as the woman took her life. She said to herself “Lord help me” as she responded repeatedly “no, we love you” to the woman who was screaming out “My mom don’t love me. My mom don’t care for me”.

“I looked at her as one of my own.” Stated Martin

Martin was not alone in her rescue saving efforts. She was joined by a group of civilians who aided police to pull the suicidal woman to safety. One citizen from the local area was Lucky Rosenbloom, who heard the sirens and ran to see what was going on. When he arrived he too supported officers responding to the call.

“I’m thinking the worst … and thinking I’m going to help this cop,” Said Rosenbloom

“To see police and people in the community spontaneously working together, it was a beautiful thing to see” Rosenbloom

Stories where community and law enforcements come together to aid those in need are encouraging and inspirational. They remind us there are still good people left in the world, and they motivate us to be good people and help others whenever we can. An officer on the scene named Vlad Krumgant stated “It’s an awful thing to see and be a part of.” But moments like these bring people together”. Moments like these are very humbling, and if you also think so too please share this story and spread the inspiration!

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