Pup Quiz with Salma Hayek

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Gots puppies?

Golden retrievers, what wonderful dogs they are. They are loyal. They are smart. They are protective. Most of all, they are adorable.

My cousin was just in Chicago this weekend and her hotel was hosting a Golden retriever comfort convention. Imagine walking into the lobby of your hotel and seeing ninety Goldens sitting in a row, being completely obedient. Oh yeah my cousins knees buckled. I know if my dog was there, she's a chocolate Lab., she wouldn't have been just sitting there. Oh no, she would have been running and chasing every poor Golden there. It would have been a disaster. But no these dogs were just sitting there looking as beautiful on the outside as like they are on the inside.

I tell you, if you ever want to get a dog, and you don't mind hair balls everywhere, then the Golden is what you should get. Of course you may have to empty your bank account before you go the pet store. See I went to the pet store fully intending on getting a Golden, but then they sticker shocked me. So instead I got my Abbey. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like she was cheap either, but at least I was able to buy dinner that night.

Jimmy and Salma Hayek square off in a trivia game where the winner of each round gets a puppy to snuggle. 

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