Really This Is No Joke! Pentagon Official Caught Stealing Local Nanny’s License Plates! Updated again

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We’ve all heard stories of disgruntle neighbors, but this one takes first place, and by a U.S Pentagon official no less! Top Pentagon Public Affairs official Bryan Whitman, age 58, had police called to his Capitol Hill home a month after April 6th, which was when a neighbor’s Nanny had reported her license plates stolen in the neighborhood. Charges against Whitman were formally made on May 5th, but may be dismissed if Whitman makes restitution, completes community service, and keeps his nose clean for the next year!

The Women reported her plates stolen and reported there was a letter left on her car that stated "I know you are misusing this visitor pass to park here daily" "If you do not stop I will report it, have your car towed and the resident who provided this to you will have his privileges taken away”. The reason for which the nanny assumed her plates were stolen, but one that is not justifiable for committing a crime.

Following the first incident the neighbors who employ the nanny installed a surveillance camera where later Whitman was recorded and witnessed stooping behind the woman’s car the second time her plates were stolen, which ultimately lead to his arrest and the charges that were filed against him. Reports say when police visited Whitman’s home with a search warrant he immediately handed over the woman’s plates.

On Wednesday the Pentagon Press Secretary Gordon Trowbridge reported to NBC that Whitman had not been dismissed. Whitman has been employed by the Pentagon’s press team for 30 plus years and his job performance and reputation has been exemplary earning him promotions. Press Secretary declined further comment citing it was a personal matter.

Whitman may have let his position as a public official get to his head a bit, but he was made to take accountability. Everyone is capable of a lapse in good judgment, but what is most important is that we recognize our wrong doings and atone for them! 

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