Russian Teenager Born Without Fingers Is Now A World-Class Pianist [Watch] 

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Simply amazing. This young man played the piano with no fingers. Imagine what he could accomplish if had fingers. The skies would be his limit. I took piano in the sixth grade and totally stunk at it. I have all my fingers and toes for that matter. In fact, when I first saw this title, I thought maybe he uses his toes. Maybe though if he doesn't have fingers, does he have toes? We'll never know. I have to give this boy lots of credit. It is simply amazing that he could that. It also makes me wonder what else can he do.

I'd guess that typing would be a bit more difficult for those keys are way smaller than piano keys. Holding chop sticks is probably out. Forks and spoons for that matter would probably be out too. Such a sweet looking boy, I give him a thumbs up.

What I could do it I had fingers

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