Super Mom With Toddler And Triplets!

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What a hectic household this is, to have triplets and a toddler, this mom has more energy than I could ever imagine having. Look at the toddler all over the place, playing with the triplets, running around like crazy and coming back up on the bed, the mom is setting each triplet to the side as the other rolls over or crawls away.

It's amazing how we think we could never handle something and then God deals us with these cards and somehow, someway, we find the energy, strength and finances to uphold what we've been dealt. This mom is amazing, laughing, still playing, got all the kids dressed, it took a bit but they are dressed!

What a bunch of cuties, how can you not love them! This mom goes 100 miles per hour to get things done and her mind and eyes are everywhere trying to prevent ever scenario. I don't know if I could do triplets and a toddler all at once at such a young age. Hang in there mom, it only gets easier from here!

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