The Incredible Inspiration One Man Gave Us In The Last Hour Of His Life

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Wow, this story will give you the chills...

The twin towers, wow. What a beautiful view, to see these buildings up again would be amazing. What they were replaced with is something truly remarkable, to honor those who had lost their lives for nothing, for a terrorist attack, the memorial site will give you chills.

This man was an inspiration, at 16 years old, such a young age to become a firefighter, but he was determined and he knew what he wanted to do. A sportsman in school, a great attitude, his ambition to make the best of the world and to follow his favorite quote "There is no "I" in team." This man had carried this red bandanna from such a young age, it had become apart of him, apart of his journey. After graduating college and moving to NY City, he had accepted a job at the World Trade Center on the 104th floor. One day, he had changed his mind, he wanted to become a NY City firefighter.

On September 11, before he was able to transition to a firefighter, the Twin Towers had been struck by the airplanes. To call his mother and let her know he was okay, it just sends chills up your spine, brings tears to my eyes to hear this. He helped people go down the stairs, he went BACK up into the burning building to help others, what an amazing human being, willing to help, to risk his own life to help other people is something remarkable. "Wells" was found among other firefighters. His parents watched as the building went down, his mother feeling something inside of her, that she had lost her son, without even confirmation, she just knew.

After reading an article and his mother finding someone who had been saved by her son, he had been honored with becoming a firefighter, his all time dream. He was an amazing person, he saved lives, his picture is now in fire stations, people live on his honor by doing many things he loved, wearing the red bandanna. This man was an inspiration, he was at the right place at the right time, doing what he loved, the last hour of his life, his parents are very proud and so are hundreds of people. He lost his life to save others. Rest in Peace Wells, I don't know you, but you were a great man. 

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