They Said The Cancer Would Kill Her In Six Months, Then She Tried Cannabis. Prepare To Be Amazed

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This woman has an inspirational story! She was diagnosed with cancer, a mass in her lungs and she never even smoked. After several pet scans, her diagnoses was confirmed. This is such a scary thing, the word cancer just puts a lump in your throat and you automatically think your life is over. A diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer is not good, it's very dangerous and deadly but this lady did not give up.

With doctors giving her no options, giving her up to 9 months to live and telling her that radiation would do no good and that chemo would only extend her life a few months and her life would not be good, she was left with no other options but to start trying to save her own life. Her daughter had done some research trying to save her mothers life too and brought it to her attention had cannabis and it cured them. People with brain cancer and lung cancer, the masses were gone, it's unbelievable.

Her before picture is so scary, the masses in her lungs, to be given a death date, it's so scary. After taking cannabis, several months later, the masses were gone. It really is a miracle, very emotional and I couldn't imagine being in her shoes and basically being cured of stage 4 lung terminal cancer. The THC in the cannabis is known for curing cancer and it did it's job with this woman.

Such a heart warming story and what a lovely ending for her and her family. Cancer kills way too many and if you have cancer and doctors are telling you there is no hope, try anything, fight for your life, this world is a better place with you in it. Get cannabis, try it yourself, it can't hurt anything, you don't die any sooner, it won't effect any treatments, it can only do good or do nothing at all. There is no harm. I'm 100% for cannabis with cancer patients and I'm so happy this helped this woman! God is good!

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