Virtual Reality Industry Is Blowing Up These Days

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It is no surprise virtual sex has made a big impact with the advances in technology. Did you know it was possible to engage in virtual sexual activity with another person over the internet? This may be exciting news to people wishing to have a sexual interaction without even meeting or touching another person, in the comfort of their home.

Teledildonics, a term used for an activity online where tactile sensations are communicated by participants, is taking the internet by storm. Spectator websites receive millions and millions of views per day online. Teledildonics takes this desire for online sexual activity to the next level. This is done by engaging in sexual activity with another partner, somewhere else in the world.

In particular, a user can log in and be themselves or create their own avatar. The person can engage in an online "relationship" with the other person or another random avatar. The interesting thing is, there is an actual person on the other end of the virtual experience. Users can obtain sex toys that connect to the computer via USB ports. They then can have sexual intercourse, essentially masturbation, which is controlled by the other person on the computer. The vibrator is called the "sinulator," and the male counterpart is called an "interactive fleshlight." When these items are hooked up to the computer and paired to a host online, the users can control the technology and create the movements in which they wish to perform. 

This may seem off the wall to some readers, but teledildonics has its benefits. First, couples who are in a long distant relationship, or travel a lot, have the opportunity to use this technology instead of phone sex or waiting for real physical contact. Second, busy parents on the go can socialize and have virtual relationships. Additionally, the virtual sex world is completely safe from STD's and safety risks. Even so, people with an alternative lifestyle can be free to create their own sexual worlds and partners. Lastly, cybersex can be beneficial for couples in need of therapy or direction. Even a third party therapist can log in and coach couples on how to achieve a better sex life with their partners. The options and perks do seem to show potential and growth for virtual sex worlds, companies and products.

One can be sure, cyber sex with online sex toys can cause trouble with spouses. Many worry that engaging in sexual activity with an avatar over the internet is crossing the line. Most importantly, it would be questionable if the cyber-user was keeping secrets about their sexual adventures on the net. Experts in the virtual sex industry suggest gaining consent with your partner first, or ask them if they would want to try it with them. While nothing can replace the real world, virtual sex industries say they are just getting started. 

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